Would You Buy Or Rent Video Games For Your PlayStation Online?

Are you having issues where your PS3 blinks red? Don’t lose hope. There are thousands of PlayStation 3 owners around the world that are dealing with this annoying problem where the PlayStation stops playing games and DVDs and just blinks red lights.

I want to give you some advice on what to do when your PS3 blinks red lights.

Now you could instantly go out and call Sony and ship your playstation 5 game back off to the manufacturer for repair. In fact, this is what most people would tell you to do. But, there are some drawbacks to this like waiting 6 or 7 weeks to get your console back. That’s a really long time to wait just to have the system looked at and repaired. All with a process that’s not that complicated.

Not only that, but you could end up paying a hefty $150 repair fee as well just to have Sony fix a very simple problem that you could fix yourself.

Wait, did I say that you could fix it yourself? I absolutely did! It’s entirely possible to easily fix the problem where your PS3 blinks red lights instead of playing games and DVD’s, just by taking the system apart and repairing the internal component that causes the problem.

Instead of waiting the 6 or 7 weeks like you would have to with Sony, fixing it yourself lets you decide how long it should take. And the coolest thing about doing it yourself is the repair should only take you about an hour to perform.

So do you want to learn more about how you can fix the problem where your PS3 Blinks Red?

Why not? I can tell you about an awesome repair guide that makes it so easy to fix your Playstation 3 because it has simple instructions that anyone can follow and high-quality pictures to walk you through the entire fix process.


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