What Is A Skilled Plumber? New Construction and Repair Plumbers Defined


When many people refer to finding a good plumber they don’t realize the scope that encompasses. A homeowner who makes such a statement generally is looking for someone to make repairs or additions to their home plumbing system. In contrast, a Plumber Elderslie contractor designing and installing new construction plumbing systems would have different needs entirely.

What are the differences between these two types of plumbing professionals? Experienced repair plumbers collect vast knowledge of various products and components, which they service on a regular basis. Their experiences working with this wide range of products gives them a unique advantage over new construction plumbers. On the other hand, those who primarily design and install new plumbing systems and their components rarely perform maintenance on them. New construction plumbers usually have production and mechanical skills that give them the advantage on new construction jobs.

As a plumbing contractor who has worked for many years contracting and servicing both areas, I have found that, generally speaking, long time service plumbers rarely have the production skills needed to successfully accomplish new construction tasks as well as their new construction contemporaries. Conversely, new construction plumbers, as a rule, find it difficult to develop and master the communication and organizational skills that the typical service plumber demonstrates effortlessly. Many, if not most, new construction plumbers would not consider taking jobs that bring them face to face with the general public; they are also unfamiliar with the detailed record keeping that service plumbing requires.

It is rare that one can ever find a plumber who has mastered both ends of the plumbing spectrum. When a wise plumbing contractor finds such an individual they provide ample incentive to keep that employee satisfied and positively engaged in their business. Failure to do that usually results in that special employee becoming one of your biggest and most successful competitors.


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