The Incredible Agarwood Oil


Agar wood or Oudh as popularly known is a dark resinous wood that are mainly found in Gyrinops and Aquilaria trees when they become infected with mold. Before it gets infected, the wood is generally pale colored and light. However, once the infection starts setting in then tree starts to produce dark colored resins. This wood is known by many names including aloes wood, jinko, oud, gaharu etc. The oil from the tree is valued by a lot of cultures and religion for its distinctive fragrance and is used in perfumes and incense.

Agar wood oil is usually of high cost, as it is rare to find. The depletion of wild resources is behind its rareness. Though this tree is listed, i.e. potentially threatened species by Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, still many countries are involved in its cutting and have got reservations about the listing.

The odor of agar wood is very pleasing but at the same time complex, it has got similar or almost no similar analogous. As a result of which Wholesale Essential Oils gained great religious and cultural significance in ancient civilizations all around the world. Even in ayurveda, agar wood is highly prized. This wood is digestive, deodorant, bitter, anti-inflammatory, cardiotonice, anodyne etc.

Agarwood oil is astringent, bitter, thermogenic, acrid, depurative, alexeteric and anti-leprotic. It is also useful in vitiated condition of rheumatoid arthritis. This oil is produced by Aquilaria malaccensisabd some related species of Indomalesian tree genus Aquilaria. The wealth of the names for this heavy and dark wood reflects the varied and widespread use for few thousand years.

This oil is known for calming the nervous system. It also expels the negative energies a, relives anxiety and brings alertness. It helps in invoking a sense of peace and strength and enhances cerebral functioning. If you are suffering from neurosis and obsessive behavior, it helps in creating harmony in your home. Agarwood oil is highly psychoactive and is used for enlighten, clarity and spiritual journey. It helps to ring the deep price which is required for meditation. This oil is also recommended by experienced practitioners for providing necessary devotion and motivation. It brings communication with the spirit, body and mind. Some people believe that prayers arise with fragrant smoke of agar wood incense carry the prayers of the followers to the creator.

The process of extraction of Agarwood oil is also complex. For extraction, the fungus infected tree should be at least one hundred years old, in order to produce the oil. The extraction process that is usually adopted for oil extraction is steam or water distillation. Once it is done, the wood is then soaked and placed in huge burners to evaporate water and dissolve resins. You will then see oil floating to the top. Lastly, make sure that you buy only pure and genuine agarwood oil.

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