Some Important Yoga Exercises


Ever considered practicing some yoga exercises? Its all too common for people who don’t exercise at all to often cite the reason that they are just too busy to get to the gym. What these folks don’t realize is that they are placing themselves at risk to various diseases caused by too much stress and a sedentary lifestyle.

It is pretty much an accepted fact now after much research that Zen exercise and physical activity help the body cope with stress and improves a person’s overall Health. However, the demands of our daily lives increase very rapidly as we live our lives and our responsibilities increase. Work, spouse, kids, Church, activities, family, it all takes time and it seems for most of us exercise is a low enough priority that it keeps getting pushed lower and lower.

The important thing to remember is that if you aren’t living, then you don’t have HEALTH! Health should be our # 1 priority because we all want to keep on living! If people are unhealthy, they are less productive and when you are less productive it gets harder and harder to achieve our goals.

Think about this for a minute, how much time do you spend at work? scary when you add up the hours, isn’t it! If you are spending more than 10-12 hours at work, are skipping meals, lacking sleep, and do not exercise, there is not much doubt you are feeling stressed out. If you keep this pace up and you don’t change a thing, you could develop a chronic disease that will force you to slow down and the consequences to your health could be worse than not working at all.

One of the main principles of yoga is to develop practices for each individual’s conditions and place in life. Additionally, you can practice yoga in your office, in your room, maybe even in your car or at the airport waiting for a flight. For the person who claims they are just too busy at work, you could even do Yoga on your break if you really wanted to.

The great thing about yoga exercises is that there are specific postures & breathing techniques for almost all diseases, conditions, allergies, and types of pains. Many exercises are simple and can have a dramatic effect on your symptoms.

The following are some common ailments that Yoga exercises can help to minimize or harness the symptoms and root causes of. Its been proven over and over again that yoga can improve your life and get rid of the following:

Digestive Disorders:

Anger, fear, jealousy, anxiety, tension etc. are emotions that can influence the quality and quantity of secretions in the stomach and intestine, and can also alter the blood flow to the intestines. Many ailments of the digestive system can be traced back to the stress of our busy modern lifestyle.

Back Pain:

Many people experience milt to severe back pain due to stress. For many men it manifests itself as lower back pain. For most women, the pain is experienced in the neck. Most good chiropractors will be able to help you with this pain but one thing they don’t tell you is that the stretching and relaxation involved with yoga can reduce symptoms and remove pain as well. If you suffer from back pain occasionally or chronically yoga will change your life.


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