Opal Engagement Rings – An Excellent Option for a Great Impression


Now that you have found the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with, it’s time to propose her. Without any doubt you want to hear a loud ‘yes’ with her eyed lighting up on seeing the ring you carry for that momentous occasion. Of course, you’ll need to do your homework for this once in a lifetime moment by looking for a romantic place, rehearsing for that awesome way of proposing her and finding the most important item that tastefully declares her to be your fiancé, yes, the engagement ring!

The choice of engagement rings is no more limited to diamonds only. Creative jewelers are using the large variety of gems pouring in from different countries to offer an amazing variety of rings having great designs and diverse hues. With so many of startling gemstones available, why follow the beaten track?

Opal rings seem to be a very popular option these days. The best Opal is produced in Australia and some of the best opal engagement rings are also crafted in Australia. If you were thinking to come up with something less traditional, opal might be for you. But beware! Because these rings are highly priced, many vendors are taking advantage by offering low quality fakes to uninformed clients. Only expert and experienced jewelers can make out a fake from a real one.

Here are a few tips that will help you purchase an opal engagement ring that your beloved would love flaunting around to her friends:

Look for a great sparkle – On looking through the gemstone from different angles, you’ll see many shining colors, though the color of the stone is solid black. This is among the most important characteristics that distinguish opal from other stones. This jewel really has gripping hues.

Choose a good weight – Just like in the case of diamonds, the measuring unit for opal is also the carat. The price of opal is directly proportionate to its weight. Holding the jewel in your hand try to feel its weight and see if it’s heavy enough for being considered authentic.

High price doesn’t necessarily mean high quality – The market price of opal is decided by its weight and sparkle. However, price of the ring is no guarantee for the quality of the stone you may be inclined to buy. Keep these points in mind while selecting an opal engagement ring.

Get it from a reputed jeweler – It always helps to deal with a reputed dealer. Though you may be required to pay a bit more, you can’t overlook the fact that the jeweler earned his clients’ trust over number of years. They successfully established a rapport with their clients. It’s not easy to build reputation in such trades, especially. These jewelers are always willing to help clients choose the most appropriate piece that matches their choice and budget.

Do some research – Though it’s important to deal with reputed dealers, don’t depend on just one reliable store. Spend time going through the catalogs of various stores that you can locate and mark your favorites. This would ensure that you won’t regret having missed buying a ring with superior color and design.

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