Networking Can Benefit Your Landscape Photography


With millions of people picking up their camera everyday, landscape photography has to be one of the most popular hobbies of the 21st century. Some have complained of it being quite a lonely hobby, disappearing into fields and forests taking pictures on their own. Others enjoy the solidarity of it just to escape the hustle and bustle of what might be a busy working week. However, whether you’re looking for someone to take pictures with, or just to talk about the different scenes and landscapes you have taken recently, networking is a beneficial tool for a landscape photographer.

Social networking sites have simply exploded in popularity the last few years, with Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter making up the majority of people’s browsing time on the Internet. Within these sites you can find many useful tools and information regarding landscape photography. Fan pages are everywhere for those who like landscape in general, or those with a more niche idea of what they like to shoot through their lenses. Twitter is full of people posting their pictures through various means, showing off their best landscapes to the World. Not only is it a networking tool, but it is a means of showcasing your work. A brilliant place to start is just by searching “landscape photography” on any of these social networking sites.

Its not just social networking sites that photographers spend a lot of time on, forums and blogs are a great way of sharing ideas and showing off your work too. Websites like Deviant Art are specifically designed for artists and photographs, even having a section dedicated to landscape photography. These are great places to get inspiration, and chat to fellow photographers who may even be on the other side of the World.

What may surprise you is the amount of local groups and committees who may be dedicated to landscape photography also. These can be initially hard to track down, but using the forums and social networking sites as mentioned above, you may be in for a treat. Local meets and rambles are a regular among landscape photographers who wish to turn their hobby into a more social occasion as well. Competitions are sometimes run through local galleries, or museums, even newspapers and magazines. These are great ways of meeting like minded people, show off your most impressive work, and maybe even win prizes or cash.

At the end of the day, landscape photography is what you make of it. It can be a hobby which you practice on your own and wish to keep that way, or it can be a fun social event in which everyone can get together, discuss their experiences and ideas, as well as making news friends. Whichever way you chose to enjoy landscape photography, networking can truly benefit you, especially when running short of ideas, or just in taking joy out of seeing everyone else’s hard work. Just always make sure you respect other people’s photos, as you would wish yours to be respected also.


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