Laser Or Rotary Engraving Machine – Which Engraving Tool Works Best?


Engraving has come a long way from the crude tools that our ancestors once used. From woods to etching pens, today’s engraving industry makes use of different methods including rotary and laser engravers. Computerized rotaries as well as laser parts manufacturer engravers have their own advantages and disadvantages. Below are just some of the features of each machine to help those who are new to the industry find the machine of their choice.

Rotary Engraving Machines

Rotary machines are ideal for etching all kinds of metal whether they be coated or non-coated as it makes use of “diamond drag” tool that creates deep cuts to the material, producing a beautiful engraved look. This machine is also perfect for small etchings such as customized engravings on gold rings and since it is cheaper than laser, it is preferred by many in the industry. It is also favored by craftsmen who are into acrylic products as rotary cuts and engrave deeper than laser. Also, it is used by many who are interested in filling the etched parts with colors. Although the rotary machine is ideal, it also has its disadvantages, one of which is that it is slower and requires specific cutters to ensure precise details. This disadvantage however is useful, when it comes to carving out thicker materials where depth and raised characters are desired or with glass that contain high lead content.

Laser Engraving Machines

When it comes to faster and simpler engraving, the laser machine has its advantages especially for those who are interested in a clean and crisp look. Additionally, since one uses laser, contact is less and as such, there is little wear and tear marking the products. Laser is preferred for acrylic as it easily etched the designs fast and since the material is lighter and thinner, rotary etching tools might break the material when care is not properly exerted. Laser is also preferred when it comes to producing bar codes on packages since most formats require complex markings that rotary tools might not be able to produce in precise details.

Which Engraving Machine Works Best

Choosing the ideal machine depends on the material that one is interested in working on. Glass or crystals that have high lead content might break from the laser because of its lead level which produces heat that can lead to chipping or breaking of the glass material. But the case might not be so when using rotary machines. Rotary machines also work well with metal jewelry whether coated or uncoated because of its diamond graver which can etch out metal materials. That said, leathers, paper, fabrics, bar codes and acrylic users might find lasers ideal as these produce clean and crisp details without the wear and tear that rotary machines do.


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