How to Place Several Framed Wall Artworks Delightfully on Your Walls


Most of us are familiar with hanging framed art on a wall. Many of us are not aware that when you arrange multiple size framed wall art in just the right pattern on your wall, the results are most pleasing to the overall persona you express in the room.

Randomly placing multiple pictures or paintings on a wall can also have a negative effect on a room. In order to avoid a wall disaster, you have to plan your wall arrangement in advance in order to determine the best possible configuration. This way you will know, before you apply your art to the wall, that you have considered all possible arrangements. Only then will your end result be a beautiful, artful and eye pleasing display expressing your good taste.

The following steps should be used in order to arrange your wall art in a configuration that sure to please.

The first thing you have to do is decide on which folding wall you will be hanging these several pieces of art. Once you have decided on the wall, you must measure the area of the wall to get the correct amount of wall space you have to hang your art.

Now, of course, you have to decide on what pieces of art and how many pieces of art you wish to place on this particular wall. Once you have the wall measurements and pieces of art figured out, you are now ready for the next step.

In this next step you will need a large roll of paper or newspaper. What I use for this next step is my unused holiday wrapping paper from the previous holiday season. These are usually long rolls of paper and will work quite well for this next step in this process.

On your floor, arrange newspaper or wrapping paper (back side up) until you have the paper cut or arranged to the exact same size as the wall area you wish to hang your art. Using cellophane tape, tape the pieces of paper sections together. When you are finished, you want to be able to pick up the paper without the separate sections coming apart.

Now for the fun part. What you want to do next is take your framed art and place them on the floor on top of the paper. Arrange the art on top of the paper trying different formations until you have arranged them in a pattern that will ultimately be the way you want the art to hang on the wall.

When you are satisfied with your framed wall art arrangement, this is what you have to do next. Make sure that all the spacing between each art piece is equal. When you are satisfied that all the art is equally spaced, we will move on to the next step.

Now, with all your framed art on the floor, over the paper in the arrangement that you just chose, with a pencil draw an outline of each piece of artwork making sure that your spacing remains equal.

After you have outlined all your artwork on the paper you can move on to the next step.

Now, for each of the outlines you have on the paper, you have to determine where to place the wall hook on the wall to make sure your artwork remains in its original position.

One by one, look at the back of each frame and determine where the picture hangers are located on the back of each individual frame. Measure the distance between the top of each frame and the location of each hanger on the back side of each frame. You could write down the measurements on a piece of paper.

Now go back to the outlines you have drawn on the paper that is still on the floor. Making sure you are using the same arrangement you decided on, mark a dot with a pencil starting from the top side down on the left and right sides of your outline. When you have a pencil dot on each side of all your outlines, draw a straight line across each outline connecting the left and right measurement dot.

After you have all of your measurement dots connected by a straight from left to right, measure the length of each line between the left and right side of each outline and put a dot in the center of each line. This center dot represents the location where the hook or screw should be placed in order to hang the framed wall art on the wall.

Congratulations! You have created a template that will make putting up your multiple framed art as accurate as possible.

The next thing to do is make sure you have removed any objects from your paper template. What you want to do now is carefully (perhaps with the help of a second person) pick up your paper template and with painter’s masking tape (because this tape removes from walls without damaging walls), tape your paper template to the wall in the exact position you wish to hang your framed wall art.

With your paper template hanging on the wall in the correct position, put a pencil dot on the wall by pushing the tip of the pencil through the paper template at the exact position you measured where the hook or screw that will hold your art on the wall should be. When you are finished making all the dots on the wall where your hooks or screws should be positioned, then remove the paper template from the wall. Now you have a wall that is marked with dots that represent where to place your hooks or screws.

Depending on how heavy your framed art is, will depend on if you will be using ordinary nail hooks or using drywall anchors inserted into your wall before inserting screws. Just remember, never try hanging framed wall art by inserting a screw directly into a wall that is either made plaster or drywall. Screws just won’t hold on these types of walls without inserting some sort of screw anchor first.

Now it is time to insert all your hooks or screws into the wall where you have your pencil dots.

The last thing to do is use your paper template as a map. The template has all the information on it to tell you what wall art goes where. Now hang all your framed wall art in the correct positions and WHALA!! You’re finished! A great job well done!

Making an artful statement on a wall is easy to do as long as you use the correct tools. Why make the project difficult when there are ways to make it easy.

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