Deciding Whether Or Not Boiler Replacement is the Right Answer


For those who have a boiler in their home there comes a time when the technology becomes outdated causing it to run inefficiently and increasing operating costs. Technology has changed much in the past 15 years and with ever-increasing fuel costs, one needs to take advantage of every opportunity to ensure a boiler replacement is made before an urgency arises.

Older boilers are now found to emit pollutants which are not only potentially harmful to residents, but can also negatively impact the environment. Due to new governmental focus on improving these issues, many incentive programs now exist including tax rebates and “cash for clunkers” programs. For many it is incentive enough to know they are helping to reduce greenhouse emissions, but for others the financial rewards provide the motivation needed to make a commitment.

Just as with the financial rewards through incentive programs, increasing energy efficiency will also put money in one’s pocket regularly. For those who have a boiler that is 15-20 years old, even if working it is probably operating at a maximum of 60% efficiency. This means that one must purchase an additional 200+ gallons of fuel per year which is just wasted.

Boilers are often used to not only heat a home, but also provide hot water. Both work on the same principal in that water is heated with a coil and circulated through a system. In these systems, hot water is then converted into forced air by air handlers and pushed into baseboard units set in walls and/or floors. The newer units are amazingly efficient as well as cost effective.

Many new boilers on the market today offer a wide variety styles, designs, sizes, and price points. One needs to look for reliability and digital technology, which ensures the system is running smoothly and consistently. Many contain computers that control the overall functioning of the unit while controlling fuel consumption. A reasonable expectation would be for 0.75 gallons of fuel per hour would be used to heat a 2000 square foot house.

Just as with any system in the home, Cv ketel vervangen also require periodic maintenance. This ensures the run efficiently while ensuring long life. Many require a thorough cleaning every couple of years when needed adjustments are made. It is best this be done by a professional who has knowledge of boiler systems. Knowing that the heating and hot water system will run optimally during times of needs provides peace-of-mind to homeowners who may be uncertain as to when their system will fail.

When a boiler goes on the blink there are many options available that need to be considered. It’s always wise to get a second opinion, but beyond that one needs to decide whether the time has come to replace it with a similar unit, upgrade, or change it out for something entirely different. A primary consideration should be current finances and the long term ramifications of a change.


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