College Application Process Blunders – Don’t Make This Mistake With Your College Admission Essay

There are some common mistakes made by college applicants when trying to make their college admission essay a good one. I managed to figure out how to write a standout college admissions essay that helped me get into three College Application Process. As a former recruiter for Yale University, I remember the reactions from admissions officers as they read a good college essay versus an average one. I would say that there are six mistakes that are the most common and potentially the most deadly to college applicants who want to get into Ivy League colleges or other universities during the college admission process that result in major blunders. One mistake I saw was:  submitting a generic application.

Read each college application essay topic and try to put it into the context of the individual colleges. You can easily research a college’s history online or at your local library. Try to find out what the topics were for a year or two prior to your application year and this might give you an edge with coming up with your own college essay ideas even before the college or university announces their current college application essay topics. Although the questions may change slightly, the general themes discussed will remain the same, after all,  in a good college essay one year,  is a good college essay any year.

Doing your homework, or in this case, online research, will help you tailor your essay to the specific universities you target during the college application process.You probably will not need to write a completely different essay for each application, but it needs to appear that you did so that each college or university feels like you are taking them seriously (and indeed you should be).


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