Central Vacuum Accessories for All Flooring Types


Achieving a thorough and efficient clean on various flooring types is made easy with Central Vacuums accessories specifically designed for versatility. These thoughtfully crafted attachments ensure that your central vacuum system is equipped to tackle the cleaning challenges posed by different surfaces throughout your home.

  1. Combination Floor Tools:
    • Seamless Transitions: Invest in combination floor tools that seamlessly transition between different flooring types. From carpets to hardwood and tile, these versatile attachments adapt to the unique demands of each surface, providing consistent cleaning performance.
  2. Motorized Power Nozzles:
    • Deep Cleaning Capability: Upgrade your cleaning routine with motorized power nozzles designed for deep cleaning carpets and rugs. The rotating brushes and powerful suction effectively lift and remove embedded dirt, ensuring a revitalized and thoroughly cleaned carpet.
  3. Multi-Surface Floor Tools:
    • Adaptable Settings: Explore multi-surface floor tools with adjustable settings to accommodate various flooring textures. Whether it’s low-pile or high-pile carpets, hardwood, or tile, these attachments can be customized for optimal cleaning results.
  4. Hard Floor Brushes:
    • Gentle on Surfaces: For delicate hard floors, choose hard floor brushes with soft bristles. These attachments effectively capture dust and debris without causing scratches, maintaining the pristine condition of your hard surfaces.
  5. Turbo Brushes:
    • Pet Hair Removal: Homes with furry companions benefit from turbo brushes designed for efficient pet hair removal. These attachments feature rotating brushes and enhanced suction power to tackle stubborn pet hair on carpets and upholstery.
  6. Combo Rug and Floor Tools:
    • Versatility in One Attachment: Opt for combo rug and floor tools that combine the features of both rug and floor tools. This all-in-one attachment simplifies your cleaning routine by adapting to the needs of different surfaces without the hassle of switching tools.
  7. Adjustable Height Attachments:
    • Customizable Cleaning: Central vacuum accessories with adjustable height settings are ideal for homes with various carpet lengths. Ensure that your vacuum adapts to different pile heights, providing a customized and efficient clean on every carpeted surface.
  8. Edge Cleaning Brushes:
    • Thorough Edge Cleaning: Enhance the thoroughness of your cleaning routine with edge cleaning brushes. These attachments target dust and debris along baseboards and edges, ensuring that no area is overlooked.
  9. Dusting Brushes:
    • Gentle Surface Cleaning: Keep your surfaces free of dust with soft-bristled dusting brushes. These attachments effectively sweep away dust from furniture, shelves, and other surfaces without causing scratches.
  10. Variable Suction Attachments:
    • Customized Suction Power: Explore attachments with variable suction controls. This feature allows you to adjust the suction power based on the flooring type, providing customized cleaning for optimal results.

In conclusion, central vacuum accessories tailored for all flooring types empower you to maintain a consistently clean and well-kept home. Whether you have carpets, hardwood, tile, or a mix of surfaces, these versatile attachments ensure that your central vacuum system is equipped to handle the diverse flooring found throughout your living space.

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