Building a successful social media presence is like tending a garden



Many people think that starting a social media marketing campaign will bring you tons of friends and followers, grow your email list into thousands, and suddenly make a six-figure income in a very short period of time. I’ve had many clients and prospects in 3 months who feel they should fall into this category and if I can’t do دعم تيك توك that for them I don’t think they’re worth their money.

This kind of thinking is the fault of so-called online gurus who make such ridiculous promises and forget to mention the amount of money and time that went into coming up with these numbers (which may or may not be fabricated).

It’s true, there are some personalities who grew their followers and شحن رصيد تيك توك  lists very quickly but worked tirelessly on it. They tweet three times a day, post once on their Facebook page, add to their LinkedIn stream and never rest on their laurels.

Building a social media presence is like gardening. A good harvest of fruit, vegetables or flowers requires planning, tools, adding nutrients, removing weeds, fertilizer and dealing with bugs and other garden predators. I love gardening and I love social media so it makes sense that I need a similar approach.

1. Planning

Even now (in the northern hemisphere, where it’s still winter), موقع زيادة متابعين تيك توك gardeners are perusing seed catalogues, finding what they need, and ordering seeds. You may have already harvested, dried and stored (think heirloom tomatoes) seeds from last year’s harvest for use in this year’s garden. People living in the southern hemisphere can order tubers, bulbs and trees.

If these people don’t already have a garden, you need to plan a location for it that gets the necessary amount of sunlight, has good drainage, and is practical. They must decide what plants, trees, or shrubs thrive in their climate and what type of food they like, lest their labor go unrewarded.

The most important thing is not to plan more than you can handle.

In terms of social media, this means researching each social media platform, their nuances, and the types of businesses that hang out there. In other words, who are your ideal customers and which social media platforms do they use the most?

Which social media platforms resonate with you and are more likely to be used? Some people are confused by Twitter. Others are bored with LinkedIn, others are outraged by Facebook’s many changes. So choose which ones you want to use.

Again, the most important thing is not to plan more than you can handle. Take up to two and focus on learning and growing these social media platforms first. You can then add more as you like.

2. Tools

As we all know, there are many gardening tools out there, but there are a few tried and tested tools that work better than others. Pitchfork, shovel, rake, hoe, excavator, etc. are good garden tools.

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