7 Tips for Buying Oil Paintings – Portraits and Reproduction Online Art


With the advent of online galleries and shopping it’s important to know what to look for when dealing with an online gallery.

These Lucky 7 tips should help you through the online maze!

1.Look for a high-quality gallery. Many galleries are set up by people on a whim, with no real idea of what constitutes high quality and fair pricing. Talk to the people running the site and feel free to ask them for photographs of there previous work or contact details of satisfied clients.

2. Does the online store have a physical address? Check to see if the online site has a physical address. This is a good indication that the site has a solid foundation and accountability. PO Boxes are usually an indication of an amateur set up.

3. What is the Return Policy? Check the policy page of the site to insure it has a solid and well articulated returns policy. If there is none, or the policy is vague….keep looking elsewhere!

4. Can you speak to someone in ‘real life’ (On the telephone or in person). Does the online store have a landline telephone line? If it does give the number a call and talk to the person running the gallery. For example, if you call 03 9018 6782 (Direct Art Australia) you will talk to Julian, the Manager; a real person (what a concept!).

5. Get the right size. Take out your tape measure or ruler and measure up the place where you want to put the artwork or portrait. Believe me, this will be some of your best work! There’s nothing worse than a picture that won’t fit…then order one for that size. Most galleries will be happy to paint a custom size.

6. Know the difference between a print, canvas transfer and an oil painting. It can be confusing understanding the difference between all the different types artwork and mediums available. Here is a basic explanation: The best quality artwork is generally 100% hand painted oil paintings on canvas. Individual oil paintings from pictures these and there is no computer enhancement…the artists are highly trained, in most cases; and there paintings generate a wonderful energy. Poster Prints and Glicee canvas transfers are computer enhanced images (except for screen prints and limited edition series prints) and are usually lower cost and quality.) They can be produced en masse and do not require the skill of a well trained artist. There are exceptions to every rule!


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